Intellectual Outputs (IOs)

  1. Foresight methodology for future-oriented labour market (download)

The foresight methodology developed for the implementation of the FORhesIT tool, focused on application in the context of analyzes of the future labor market, taking into account the description of methods (including STEEPVL, SWOT, trend analysis, scenario method), indicating the principles of their use and possible limitations, and examples of good practices .

The methodology covers two levels of application by counselors and academic teachers:

    1. Individual level,
    2. Group level.
  1. An IT tool supporting the process of creating alternative career development scenarios (go to the tool)

FORhesIT IT tool, including:

    • module for generating factors affecting the selected area of analysis in the selected time perspective;
    • SWOT analysis module enabling the evaluation of previously identified factors in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;
    • scenario building module, enabling the assessment of STEEPVL factors.
  1. A manual for users of the IT tool with scenarios of classes/workshops/individual sessions (download)

A manual enabling the correct use of the developed methodological and computer tools by user groups (i.e. lecturers, advisers, students, graduates), including, inter alia:

    • detailed characteristics of all stages of the foresight scenario generation process using the FORhesIT computer tool;
    • sample scenarios of workshops, individual sessions carried out with the use of the developed methodological and IT tools.


The project “Foresight-oriented IT system supporting higher education and career development (FORhesIT)” benefits from a grant of EUR 148,620.00 received 85% from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants and 15% from Poland’s Government Budget (Project number: EEA/21/K4/W/0118).