React technology for FORhesIT

React technology will probably be used to prepare the FORhesIT tool – Create the Future. It is a JavaScript library used to create user interfaces. An application

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We start working on an IT tool

The FORhesIT project partnership has started working on a tool supporting the process of creating alternative professional development scenarios (IO2). The presented and discussed mock-up of the

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Newsletter 1

Download Newsletter Projekt „System IT wspierający szkolnictwo wyższe i rozwój kariery z wykorzystaniem metodyki foresight (FORhesIT)” korzysta z dofinansowania o wartości 148.620,00 EUR otrzymanego w 85% od

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Online meeting

Even though it is summertime, the FORhesIT team is working hard to deliver the first IO1 result on time (Foresight methodology for future-oriented labour market). During the

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The project “Foresight-oriented IT system supporting higher education and career development (FORhesIT)” benefits from a grant of EUR 148,620.00 received 85% from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants and 15% from Poland’s Government Budget (Project number: EEA/21/K4/W/0118).