November is the time for pilot testing of the FORhesIT CREATE THE FUTURE tool. Workshops with representatives of the target group have already taken place at the Białystok University of Technology (07.11.2023) and at the Łukasiewicz-ITEE Vocational Education and Innovation Management Research Centre in Radom (10.11.2023). The prepared prototype of the tool supporting professional future planning in the face of the uncertainty of the environment, had the opportunity to test students, academic teachers, and career counsellors. The FORhesIT project partnership has collected a number of remarks, comments, suggestions that will help to improve the functionalities and interface of the tested tool. Testing in Norway is coming soon. Participants will include staff from Oslo Metropolitan

Projekt „System IT wspierający szkolnictwo wyższe i rozwój kariery z wykorzystaniem metodyki foresight (FORhesIT)” korzysta z dofinansowania o wartości 148.620,00 EUR otrzymanego w 85% od Islandii, Lichtensteinu i Norwegii w ramach Funduszy EOG oraz w 15% z budżetu państwa (nr projektu: EOG/21/K4/W/0118).