The FORhesIT project has reached the halfway point! It was a good opportunity to analyze the progress of work, the effects of cooperation obtained so far and to plan further activities in detail.

On 18-19 April 2023, a meeting was held of the international partnership implementing this two-year project aimed at improvement of the quality and relevance of tertiary education provision through the development of career guidance using foresight methods.

The meeting was hosted by a partner institution from Norway, the Norwegian Board of Technology, which was represented by Director Tore Tennøe and Joakim Velevatn. The project team from Poland was represented by: Dr J. Religa and K. Sznyrowska (Łukasiewicz-ITeE – project leader), Prof. J.Ejdys, Dr J.Siderska, Dr A. Gulc (Białystok University of Technology) and M. Pawelec, R. Małysa (IMD Pawelec Marcin).

During the two-day meeting, the finally adopted foresight methodology developed for the future labour market and its form of implementation in the form of an IT tool (FORhesIT-Create the Future) were confirmed. A stage of testing the tool in Poland and Norway was planned, as well as the process of preparing a manual enabling proper use of the IT tool by target groups (i.e. university lecturers and counsellors from career offices, students and university graduates).

Projekt „System IT wspierający szkolnictwo wyższe i rozwój kariery z wykorzystaniem metodyki foresight (FORhesIT)” korzysta z dofinansowania o wartości 148.620,00 EUR otrzymanego w 85% od Islandii, Lichtensteinu i Norwegii w ramach Funduszy EOG oraz w 15% z budżetu państwa (nr projektu: EOG/21/K4/W/0118).