On June 21-23, 2023, two important events related to the FORhesIT project took place in Białystok: Academic and Business Symposium entitled “Management Engineering – Science and Practice in the Sustainable Development of the Country and Region” as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Management Engineering of the Bialystok University of Technology and the Final Conference of the “FUTURES – Laboratories of the future for the needs of professional and personal development” (Erasmus+ project). Representatives of two FORhesIT partner institutions – the Łukasiewicz Research Network – the Institute for Sustainable Technologies and the Bialystok University of Technology could not be missing. These events were attended, among others, by representatives of institutions from Great Britain, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Polish and foreign students, career advisors, as well as representatives of Polish universities, high schools, and enterprises.

One of the items on the agenda was a presentation by Remigiusz Mazur (Łukasiewicz-ITEE) entitled “IT tools for the futures of the Labor Market”, which was part of the dissemination of the FORhesIT project. The assumptions, goals of the project, and partnership, as well as the results were presented: the completed result of IO1 (Foresight methodology for future-oriented labour market ), two in the process of implementation (IO2: Modification and development of the IT tool “Horizons of the Future”, IO3: Computer-aided process of foresight scenario development), and were invited to participate in the pilot testing of the tool (IO4), which will take place in autumn this year.

The presentation met with great interest from people participating in the conference, especially since the FORhesIT IT tool perfectly complements the methodologies developed in the FUTURES project ( The project team willingly answered questions about the project and the tool itself and also gave the participants leaflets promoting the FORhesIT project.

Projekt „System IT wspierający szkolnictwo wyższe i rozwój kariery z wykorzystaniem metodyki foresight (FORhesIT)” korzysta z dofinansowania o wartości 148.620,00 EUR otrzymanego w 85% od Islandii, Lichtensteinu i Norwegii w ramach Funduszy EOG oraz w 15% z budżetu państwa (nr projektu: EOG/21/K4/W/0118).